IWAS Games


IWAS World Games take place every 2 years and are based on Development in the Post Paralympic Year and Elite in Pre-Paralympic Years.

IWAS World Junior Games take place each year and is a fundamental opportunity for young athletes with an aspiration for an international career in their chosen sport.

World Games Bid Documentation                                   World Junior Games Bid Documentation

Stage I                                                                                     Stage I


IWAS would like to call for bids for the following IWAS events:

Year Event Written Intimation of interest to be received by: Written Intimation of interest already received from:
2007 World Senior Games Jan 20 2006 Chinese Taipei – awarded
2008 World Junior Games Jun 30 2006 Switzerland
USA – awarded
2009 World Senior Games Dec 31 2007  
2009 World Junior Games Jun 30 2007 Switzerland (Athletics only)
2010 World Junior Games Jun 30 2008
2011 World Senior Games Jun 30 2008 Korea
2011 World Junior Games Jun 30 2009