www.iwasf.com – Vision & Mission



An organisation which enables the growth and achievements of persons with a physical disability in sport and provides opportunity to achieve individual aspirations at all levels through a defined athlete pathway.


To create and maintain conditions world-wide which will foster and encourage the development and self-determination of youth, men and women with a physical disability internationally through sport from grass roots to elite level in a spirit of “friendship, unity and sportsmanship”.


The following Values remain integral to setting the aims and objectives for IWAS:

bullet Positive image and self determination of athletes and sports
bullet Support, not control
bullet Transparency of decision and action
bullet Partnership and complementary activity
bullet Motivation and Respect
bullet The maintenance of governance and management infrastructures and means that are appropriate and will realistically facilitate improved delivery of services and programmes
bullet The nurture of conditions for professional growth
bullet Development
bullet Games and competitions


Download IWAS Strategic Plan here